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Choosing the right candle wick:wicks-category-wspacer.jpg

For your convenience, please reference our Wick Guide by clicking here: Candle Wick Guide - Remember to "wick up" a size or two for any viscous waxes, such as soy or beeswax.

Wick selection is an important part of making a successful candle. We offer a wide variety of wicks from wooden candle wicks to untabbed wicks to meet your candle making needs. We provide a wick guide to assist with the wick selection process. The right wick choice for your candle can be dependent upon:

  • wax type
  • amount of candle dye used
  • amount of candle fragrance oil used
  • diameter of container or mold
  • additional additives

Since so many variables can affect the outcome of your candle's burning properties, it is best to test various wicks to determine the exact wick for each of your creations.

If you have questions about specific wick types, please see our wick guide or wick subcategory pages for more detailed information on each wick.

About our candle wicks:

Our wicks are manufactured with a deep wax penetration into the braid. This means that our wicks have more wax applied inside the wick, with less wax on the outside of the wick. This results in more rigidity and a better tab-to-candle wick attachment commonly known as “higher tensile strength.”  The wax bonds to the wick and does not “flake” or “peel” off.”