Free Graphics

Feel free to use these images for any application, however, they may not be used for profit. You may not sell these digital files or print them on any physical products to sell ie. printing these designs onto stickers and selling the stickers.

These were created by our team, so they are officially royalty free for all approved uses. The quality of the images are best for online use or for printing a small version.

Ideas for use:

  • On your website
  • On your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking page
  • On your blog
  • Print on stickers or stationary for your own use (personal or business)

Instructions for use:

Simply right click on the images with your mouse to save to your computer.

The Flaming Candle Company reserves the right to remove or use these images in the future for any purpose.

  • sale-green.jpg
  • sale-orange.jpg
  • obsessed-pink.jpg
  • ask-me-jpeg.jpg
  • sale.png
  • sale-black.png
  • highly-scented.png
  • buy-soy-candles.png
  • candle-love-red.jpg
  • candle-love-green.jpg
  • love-candles-soap.jpg
  • natural-soy-wax.jpg
  • highly-scented-formal-black.jpg