Wooden Wicks

More info on Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks are very easy to use and add unique appeal to finished candles. Our wooden wicks are designed to burn cleanly, promoting a full melt pool and excellent scent throw. They are the perfect wooden wick complete with custom tabs, which are made of stainless steel to prevent any wax discoloration. They are suitable to be used in paraffin, soy, or gel wax. Wooden wicks are known for their unique ‘crackle’ or ‘sizzle’ sound when burning in finished candles.

We offer 2 types of wooden wicks to choose from:

  • Single-ply wood wicks - Made from a single piece of wood that is .04" in thickness
  • Dual wood wicks - Made from 2 pieces of adhered wood that are .02" in thickness each (.04" in thickness total)


Key differences between the 2 options of wooden wicks:

  • Single-ply wood wicks are all-natural. The dual wood wicks are made with an adhesive that, while non-toxic, does not qualify as all-natural.
  • We have more size options to choose from in the single-ply wood wick line. The single-ply wood wicks are available in 6 sizes, while the dual wood wicks are available in 4 sizes.
  • Since the wood wicks are made differently (single vs. 2 pieces of wood), the difference in wood grain may cause a difference in burning characteristics.


Environmentally Friendly

Our wooden wicks give you the ultimate performance in an all-natural wooden wick. All wood used to manufacture our wooden wicks is purchased in the USA and only from mills that maintain an FSC certification and practice environmentally friendly forestry standards.