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Wooden Wicks

Please Note: Effective 5/5/2017, the design of our wood wicks has changed. They are no longer treated with a burning agent and will burn slightly different than our previous wooden wicks that were treated with a burning agent. Our new wicks are also a single-ply wick with the same thickness as the previous two-ply wood wicks (0.04"). We chose the single-ply to maintain an all-natural wood wick. The new two-ply wood wicks are now made with an adhesive that, while non-toxic, does not qualify as all-natural. We also found the single-ply wicks to burn much better than the new two-ply wicks during our extensive testing.

Our new Extra Large wood wicks are now 6" in length, which is almost an inch longer than our previous wood wicks. This makes them suitable for taller containers or allows for cutting them in half to get two wicks for shorter containers.

Based on the new design, testing is recommended to determine the best size for a particular candle application. However, in our testing, going up 1/8" in size seemed to have a very similar burn as the previous treated wood wicks. It is also very important to keep the wicks trimmed to no more than 1/8" to 3/16" before lighting. Trimming them longer than this will prevent the wax from pulling up the wick and will cause the flame to burn out.

Wooden wicks are very easy to use and add unique appeal to finished candles. This is the perfect wooden wick complete with custom tabs, which are made of stainless steel to prevent any wax discoloration. They are suitable to be used in paraffin, soy, or gel wax. Wooden wicks are known for their unique ‘crackle’ or ‘sizzle’ sound when burning in finished candles.

Wooden wicks are available in 6 sizes: mini, small, medium, large, extra large and xx large.

Our wooden wicks are designed to burn cleanly, promoting a full melt pool and scent throw.

Environmentally Friendly

Our wooden wicks give you the ultimate performance in an all-natural wooden wick. All wood used to manufacture our wooden wicks is purchased in the USA and only from mills that maintain an FSC certification and practice environmentally friendly forestry standards.