Candle Dye

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Candle Dye

Candle dye adds visual appeal to your candle creations. Since each candle maker's needs are unique, it's important to choose the dye that's right for you.

Liquid Dyes:  Our liquid dyes come in primary and neutral colors and are bottled in amber glass with droppers for ease of use and UV protected storage. These are ready to use as is or can be blended to achieve a variety of colors.

Candle Dye Chips:  Our dye chips come in a larger selection of colors and are easy to use. They can easily be broken or blended to achieve the shade of coloring you need. We do offer a candle dye chip sample pack for testing.

Candle Dye Blocks:  Our dye blocks are perfect for large batches of candles. They are concentrated for vibrant colors. One half ounce block can color 15-20 lbs. of wax.