Raspberry Dye Blocks

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Raspberry Dye Blocks

Candle dye blocks are highly concentrated and work well when coloring large batches of wax. The benefits of using candle dye blocks include:

  • Cost Effective: One dye block will color approximately 5 - 15 lbs. of wax depending on shade preference and wax type.
  • No Mess or Spills: When using dye blocks, you don't have to worry about spills or accidentally dripping too much dye into your melted wax.
  • Selection of Pre-Made Colors: Candle dye blocks come in many unique pre-made colors, allowing you to create the same color each time without blending.
  • Usage Control: Each block can be broken into smaller pieces if desired to create lighter shades, use in smaller batches, or blend together.
  • Customization: Candle dye blocks can be blended with other colors to create additional unique colors.
  • Versatility: Candle dye blocks can be used in paraffin and soy wax.

As with all candle making projects, we always recommend testing to achieve desired results. Once the candle dye block has been added to the melted wax, we recommend stirring thoroughly to insure the dye block fully disperses in the wax.

Note: The shade shown in the color image is approximate and can vary with amount of dye and type of wax used. Other factors that can impact color when making candles include wax opacity, use of additives such as stearic acid, and fragrance.

Due to the wax consistencies, it is common for paraffin waxes to produce vibrant colors and soy waxes to produce pastel colors.