Teal Liquid Candle Dye

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Teal Liquid Candle Dye

Liquid candle dyes are a great way for coloring wax and achieving different shades of a desired color. The benefits of using liquid candle dyes include:

  • Cost Effective - One ounce will color approximately 125 lbs. of wax.
  • Even Dispersion - Simply add the desired amount and stir lightly. Liquid candle dyes are less prone to leaving dye particles in wax from not fully dissolving.
  • Usage Control - Our liquid candle dyes come in an amber glass bottle with a liquid dropper for ease of use. The recommended use is 7 drops per lb. of wax for a medium shade, using less for lighter shades and more for deeper colors.
  • Customization - Liquid candle dyes can be blended with other colors to create unique, custom colors.
  • Versatility - Our liquid candle dyes can be used in paraffin, soy, and gel wax.

As with all candle making projects, we always recommend testing to achieve desired results.

Note: The shades shown in the picture are approximate and can vary with amount of dye and type of wax used. Other factors that can impact color when making candles include wax opacity, use of additives such as stearic acid, and fragrance.

Due to the wax consistencies, it is common for paraffin waxes to produce vibrant colors and soy waxes to produce pastel colors.

Liquid candle dyes may have a slight smell in the bottle that is not noticeable in finished candles. Colors do not separate in storage, but minimal shaking is recommended prior to use.