LX-18 Un-Tabbed Wick

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LX-18 Un-Tabbed Wick

LX-18 un-tabbed wick is a coreless flat braid wick (approx 2mm W), which is designed to produce a stable flame and minimize mushrooming from carbon buildup. This wick is designed for use in making pillar candles or can be tabbed for use in making container candles.

LX-18 wick may be suitable for:

  • small (1-2") container candles
  • medium (2-3") pillar and container candles


Note: We recommend testing new wick sizes when making any modifications to existing candle recipes or making new candles. Burning characteristics can be altered by changes in wax, fragrance oil, dye, and/or additives, which could result in a different optimal wick size for the same diameter candle.