HTP-93 6" Pre-Tabbed Wick

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HTP-93 6” Pre-Tabbed Wick

Please Note: Due to a raw material shortage, Atkins & Pearce (the manufacturer of HTP wicks) had to begin sourcing their yarn from a different supplier.

Effective April 2021, we will be carrying HTP wicks made with the new yarn and will carry them going forward. While the HTP wick numbers will remain the same, the burn characteristics may be different between the old and new versions. Testing will be required to ensure proper burning performance when using the new HTP wicks. 

HTP-93 wicks are coreless, cotton flat braid wick with paper filament throughout, providing the structural strength of a paper core wick. Their self-trimming and complete combustion burning characteristics minimize mushrooming and soot. HTP wicks may be used in tealight, votive, pillar, and container candles. The versatility of HTP makes them suitable for use in soy waxes and lower melt point paraffin waxes, including single pour paraffin waxes which are more viscous in nature.

Our HTP wicks are:

  • primed with a standard or high melt paraffin wax coating
  • 6" in length
  • pre-tabbed in a 20mm X 6mm tab

The HTP-93 wick may be used for:

  • medium (2-3") container candles
  • large (3-4") pillar candles 

Note: We recommend testing new wick sizes when making any modifications to existing candle recipes or making new candles. Burning characteristics can be altered by changes in wax, fragrance oil, dye, and/or additives, which could result in a different optimal wick size for the same diameter candle.