Wick Tabs 20 x 3 mm


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Wick Tabs 20 x 3mm - Quantity of 100

Wick tabs are used to create tabbed wicks using spooled (un-tabbed) wick. Our wick tabs are made of steel, and coated in tin so they are resistant to corrosion from candle fragrance oil. The longer neck (6mm) adds extra safety as it will extinguish the flame before reaching the very bottom of the candle, which helps prevent the bottom of the candle container from getting too hot and potentially creating a fire hazard.

Wick tab size:

  • 20 mm diameter
  • 3 mm height (neck)
  • 3 mm wick insertion hole

Perfect for tealights or votives. Use the 20 x 6 mm wick tabs for larger candles.

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