Candle Making FAQ

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New to candle making

  • Q: Which wax should I use?

  • A: Everyone has different preferences between soy and paraffin. Also, you'll need to determine if you'll be making container candles or free-stnading pillar candles, as these require different wax blends. Pillar wax is made to shrink or contract a bit for easy mold removal.

  • To read about the different characteristics between soy and paraffin wax CLICK HERE

  • We recommend starting with a beginner kit - choose between soy or paraffin. They come with detailed instructions to walk you through the process the first time. After that, you will be more familiar with how candle making works.



Wax Types

  • Q: What is your bestselling soy container wax?

  • A: Both the GW 464 and the Naturewax C-3 are great for new candle makers.


  • Q: What is your bestselling paraffin container wax?

  • A: ProBlend 400.


  • Q: Which wax should I use for pillar candles?

  • A:  For paraffin, we recommend ProBlend 450.  For parasoy, we recommend ProBlend 650.


  • Q: Which wax should I use for tarts and/or wax melts?

  • A: We carry several tart and pillar blend including GW 494 soy wax, ProBlend 450 paraffin wax, IGI 4625 paraffin wax, and ProBlend 650 parasoy wax.


  • Please note - you'll need to perform your own testing to determine the wax that works best for you.


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