How Much Fragrance Oil Do I Use When Making Candles?

We recommend using our fragrance oils at 1 oz. per pound, or about a 6% fragrance load. While some waxes can hold up to 2 oz. of fragrance per pound, we would not recommend using that much due to the high concentration of our fragrance oils. There are weaker fragrance oils on the market that are diluted with solvent and may take up to 2 oz. per pound to achieve a desired scent throw preference. However, the more additives, dye, and fragrance added to wax, the greater the chance of having issues with soot, smoke, and/or poor burning characteristics. Also, adding more fragrance oil does not necessarily mean it will improve the scent throw in candles. There is a point where adding more fragrance oil will add little or no additional scent throw.

For skin care product usage amounts, please see the IFRA information for each particular fragrance. Each fragrance has this information posted below the fragrance description on the fragrance product page.