IGI 4625 Paraffin Pillar Wax

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IGI 4625 Paraffin Pillar Wax

IGI 4625 is a specialty blend paraffin wax designed to make pillar candles, votives, and tarts. It is one of the most popular and best performing pillar waxes available.

Melt Point: 145°

Advantages of using IGI 4625:

  • Controlled batch consistency
  • Good mold release
  • Pre-blended; no additives required
  • Smooth , opaque finish
  • Non-mottling
  • Up to 6% fragrance loads are possible

Basic Guidelines:

  • Melt point: 145°
  • Heat wax to around 185° - 200°
  • Add dye if desired and mix thoroughly
  • Add candle fragrance if desired and mix thoroughly
  • Pouring temperatures should typically be around 175° to 185°
  • Second pours are usually required and should be poured 10° hotter than the first pour
  • Wait at least 24 hours before burning
  • Wick testing is recommended to achieve optimal burning characteristics and will vary with different combinations of wax, fragrance, dye, and mold size