Yellow Liquid Soap Dye

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Yellow Liquid Soap Dye

Yellow liquid soap dye will enhance soaps and other water-soluble products giving them a bright, striking, and lively yellow color.

Our liquid soap dyes are the most concentrated water-soluble colorants you can get, adding a deep, radiant color to finished products. They can be used in water-based products such as body sprays, shampoo, glycerin soaps, liquid soaps, and other items. Liquid soap dyes should be used in water-soluble applications only and are not meant to be used in candles, wax products, or lip products.

Results Shown In Picture Above

Top Soap Bar: Ratio of 3 drops per lb. of white melt & pour soap

Bottom Soap Bar: Ratio of 3 drops per lb. of clear melt & pour soap

*Please note that color can vary due to additives, computer screen settings and usage levels.

Recommended Usage

Recommended use is 2-3 drops per pound of soap. Be sure to follow instructions on when and how to add dye for your particular recipe. Please note that depending on the application, amount of dye used, technique and other additives used, the color can vary from the graphic shown above. Cold process soap making generally produces more muted colors. Clear melt and pour soap bases will generally produce more vibrant colors. White melt and pour soap bases will produce a softer tone. Experiment with small batches to get just the right shade.


  • 1/2 oz - Plastic bottle w/dropper tip cap
  • 1 oz - Plastic bottle w/dropper tip cap
  • 16 oz - Plastic bottle w/ no dropper tip (can be used to refill 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. bottles)


Glycerin, FD&C Yellow #5