Curate Your Own Fragrance Oil Sampler

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Curate Your Own  Fragrance Oil Sampler

This sampler is a great opportunity to test a select assortment of scents for use in all the candle (and soap) creations you can imagine. Browse our extensive Fragrance Catalog and select 12 different, in-stock fragrance oils at savings off each fragrance you select.

There’s no better way to experiment with new ideas and new fragrances than by curating your own Fragrance Oil Sampler.


Please Note: 

  • Ships to USA only.
  • You must choose 12 unique, 1 oz. fragrance oil samples. Please write out the fragrance names exactly as it appears on the website.
  • If your selected fragrance oil is out of stock, your order will be paused until Customer Service can reach out to you and resolve the issue.
  • Please make sure you are choosing a fragrance that is safe for the manufacturing process in which you are planning on using it (soap safe, etc.).