Eco Wick Sampler Set

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Sample set includes 32 6-inch wicks, 4 each of eight sizes:

  • 4 ECO-2
  • 4 ECO-4
  • 4 ECO-6
  • 4 ECO-8
  • 4 ECO-10
  • 4 ECO-12
  • 4 ECO-14
  • 4 ECO-16

ECO wicks are coreless, cotton flat braid wick with paper filament throughout, providing increased rigidity and strength.

They are primed with a vegetable-wax coating.

Their self-trimming and clean burning characteristics minimize mushrooming, soot, and smoke.

ECO wicks typically work best in soy waxes and lower melt point paraffin waxes.