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IGI 6006 Paraffin-Soy Blend for Containers

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  • Product Description

    IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Pre-Blended Container Wax

    IGI 6006 is designed to be a single pour container wax when used under favorable conditions. This wax provides the combined benefits of paraffin and soy wax into a single blend. Approximate ratio is 70% paraffin and 30% soy.

    Melt Point: 133°

    Advantages of using IGI 6006:

    • Typically requires only a single pour for containers up to 28 oz (Large or tall containers may require a second pour)
    • Good adhesion to jars under optimal conditions (some containers may require heating prior to pouring the wax)
    • High fragrance load - 8% to 10% fragrance loads are possible
    • Smooth and creamy look
    • Achieve vibrant and dark colors
    • Excellent hot and cold scent throw
    • Pre-blended; no additives required

    Basic Guidelines:

    • Melt point: 133°
    • Heat wax to 185° - 195°
    • Add dye if desired and mix thoroughly
    • Add candle fragrance if desired and mix thoroughly
    • Pouring temperatures should typically be around 160° to 180°, though experimentation is recommended to determine optimal pouring temperature
    • Allow candles to cool as slow as possible to achieve good jar adhesion and create a smooth finish
    • Wait at least 24 hours before burning
    • Wick testing is recommended to achieve optimal burning characteristics and will vary with different combinations of wax, fragrance, dye, and container size
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    1. Hands down this wax has an awesome CT and HT 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 15th Mar 2019

      I haven't used this wax for my container candles yet, but I have used it for tarts. The FO come through super strong. FYI - You can use this wax for tarts by adding another vegetable wax to harden it up. Although, I prefer to stick with all natural waxes, this wax is awesome and I definitely recommend it. This blend is worth adding to your candle line.

    2. Great Wax 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Dec 2018

      I've used this wax since starting my business and it is exactly what I was looking for. I use it for containers and melts and I have never been disappointed. Ever.

    3. EXCELLENT Hot Throw! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Dec 2018

      I've only tried two waxes - soy (Nature C-3) and IG 6006 (parasoy). I like the idea of an all-natural candle, but I also like a candle that has great hot throw. I tried this wax based on the description, and I am in love. Easy to work with (once you get past the the stickiness of it). I used this in the 4 oz tins with the Salted Caramel FO and let the candles cure for a week. OH. MY. GOSH. Perfection.

    4. Love this wax! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 29th Oct 2018

      I love 6006 wax. It gives an amazing hot and cold throw and there is virtually no cure time. I let my candles dry for about 12 hours and they are ready to go! My customers love them.

    5. Very easy to use 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th Aug 2018

      I really like this wax. I used it in 9 oz glass jars and got excellent glass adhesion, color and no frosting. I'm testing wicks right now. Can't wait to add fragrance to check out the CT/HT.

    6. Perfect for my needs 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th May 2018

      Clean burning, great for containers. Using it with wood wicks, very nice.

    7. Awesome stuff! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Mar 2018

      This is the first wax I tried after doing some research. Hadn't made candles for years and wanted to start again. I LOVE this wax. I have had success from the get go. I use it exclusively. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    8. Pretty happy 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Jan 2018

      Fantastic hot and cold throw. This also takes color from color-blocks really beautifully. Not the smoothest tops I've seen, but decent.

    9. Only wax i use 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

      I love this blend... I tried another just because and it didn't perform as well... The other had sweat spots and didn't throw like i wanted... Going back to 6006

    10. Nice product, just too soft for my needs 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

      For this to be a container wax, I was surprised at how soft it was, especially for a parasoy blend. I used this to make wax melts and the cubes stuck to the sides of the container; they didn't cleanly break off. Will probably blend with GW444 to firm it up a bit and see how that performs.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 27 | Next