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Twisted Cinnamon Fragrance Oil

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  • Product Description

    Twisted Cinnamon Fragrance Oil

    Light hints of clove give way to cinnamon sticks and ground ginger followed with exotic notes of cedar wood and patchouli.


    • Top – clove leaf
    • Middle – cinnamon, clove
    • Bottom - patchouli, cedar wood

    Our premium candle fragrances are concentrated and are specially formulated to work with both paraffin and soy waxes. Typical use is 1 ounce per pound of wax, but can vary depending on type of wax, additives, and scent throw preference.

    *Phthalate Free

    Flashpoint: >200° F


     Maximum Usage Amount *

    Liquid and bar soap, depilatory, rinse-off conditioners, shampoos of all types including baby, facial cleansers, shaving creams, body washes, shower gels of all types, aerosols including air fresheners

    Not for use in body products.

    Lip products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, clear or colored, etc…)

    Not for use in lip products.

    Body creams, lotions of all types

    Not for use in body products.

    Incense, candles, non-aerosol air fresheners


    * These maximum usage amounts are in compliance with IFRA standards, are provided for safety, and are not meant to serve as suggested usage amounts. It is up to the customer to determine the ideal usage amount for desired product integrity, while staying under the safety maximums. Many times the ideal usage amount is much lower than the maximum amount stated for safety.

    * It is the responsibility of our customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance by conducting all necessary tests.

    **If there are other products not listed that you would like to request the maximum usage amounts of, please email us at info@theflamingcandle.com.

  • Product Reviews

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    1. Best spice scent ever!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st Sep 2019

      I love this fragrance oil and have using in my candles for 2 years now. The scent throw is wonderful and I get so many compliments on this scent. I like to burn this scent all year round.

    2. Reminds Me of Cinnamon-Sugar Toast 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 14th Apr 2019

      So, to me this smells exactly like when I was growing up and mix sugar and cinnamon powder together in a shaker, 50/50 to put on my buttered toast in the morning, and a sleepy stupor would something accidentally inhale a little cloud of that mixture up my nose. A pleasant cinnamon-sugar scent to my nose's perception of it, but that was the exact memory I had the moment I gave this fragrance oil a sniff (after a couple of hours of dry down on a cotton ball). You could combine this with a buttery-bread fragrance oil and a hint of smokiness and have a perfect cinnamon toast scent.

    3. Strong fragrance 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 8th Dec 2018

      Fragrance as natural as real cinnamon.

    4. Good 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 29th Oct 2018

      Good but I wish that I had bought regular cinnamon. Somehow this was too strong with the wrong scent

    5. Great Cinnamon Scent 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Oct 2017

      If you are a cinnamon lover, this scent is for you. A nice strong cinnamon with hints of spice. LOVE!

    6. Terrific Cinnamon Scent! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Oct 2017

      I am a huge fan of cinnamon. Nothing says the holidays to me more then the scent of cinnamon in the air. While I smell mostly cinnamon from these candles, there is a spicy back note I find just heavenly. Love this scent!

    7. twisted Cinnamon 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 13th Dec 2015

      A step up from regular Cinnamon...a little pizazz....a little kick. Nicely done...

    8. great 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 20th Aug 2015

      not a strong cinnamon but really nice

    9. This is our second purchase 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 1st Jun 2014

      Our customers just loved this fragrance, we sold out of all our product created in Twisted Cinnamon awhile back. Customers keep asking when are we going to get more in stock? Finally purchased more and they were over the moon happy. Such a warm and inviting scent. love the spice blend. Thank you Flaming Candle for offering such high quality products to your customers!

    10. Warm and inviting 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

      I am not a huge fan of cinnamon scents and neither is my husband. This scent is so warm and inviting. I love it, not overly strong, did not make me want to gag, did not bother my sensitive sinuses, nor did the scent give me a headache as some cinnamon scents tend to do.