Clear 3-wick Cylinder Candle Jar - 17 oz. (Case of 12)


12 Jars per Case

Sometimes one wick just isn’t enough. This elegant glass tumbler is perfect for three-wick candles, offering a classic look customers will love. Made of thicker glass than you’ll see in many other multi-wick vessels on the market, the tumbler itself won’t get as hot as the candle burns. This candle-making essential supports a volume of 530 ml (approx. 17.9 oz.).

3 1/8" H x 4 1/8" W (2 3/4" x 4" interior diameter)

Wax volume approximately 13 oz

Pair with our Bamboo Lids (3-wick) Bamboo_candle_jar_lid_3_wick

or our Black Metal Lids (3-wick) Black metal candle jar lid 3 wick

Wick recommendations: 

PERFORMANCE WILL VARY BASED ON WAX TYPE, FRAGRANCE TYPE /AMOUNT, AND COLORANT; We recommend testing your specific formula with various wicks, even others not listed:

CD 6 Wick (triple wick): CD 6 wick (triple)

HTP-52 Wick (triple wick): HTP_52_wick (triple)

Eco-10 Wick (double wick): ECO_10 wick (double wick)

Wooden Wick (single wick): Wooden Wick XXL (single wick)

Lids sold separately.