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Coffee House Fragrance Oil

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  • Product Description

    Coffee House Fragrance Oil

    There is no mistaking the aroma of walking into your favorite coffee house when the perfectly blended scent of your favorite coffee drinks and baked pastries welcomes you in. Fresh roasted coffee with whispers of creamy butter, coconut flakes, vanilla beans and maple syrup. A slight hint of roasted nuts complete this fragrance.

    • Top – butter, coconut
    • Middle – tonka
    • Bottom – vanilla, maple

    Additional Information on Coffee House Fragrance Oil:

    • Soap and lotion safe
    • Phthalate-free
    • Not subject to California Proposition 65 warning requirements
    • Flashpoint: >200° F
    • Vanillin - 2.07%
    • Formulated to work in both paraffin and soy wax

    Recommended Usage Amounts:

    • Candles and wax melts: Typical use is 1 ounce per pound of wax, but can vary depending on type of wax, additives, and scent throw preference
    • Soap and skin care products: Please reference IFRA information below


    Maximum Usage Amount *

    Liquid and bar soap, depilatory, rinse-off conditioners, shampoos of all types including baby, facial cleansers, shaving creams, body washes, shower gels of all types, aerosols including air fresheners


    Lip products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, clear or colored, etc…)

    Not for use in lip products

    Body creams, lotions of all types


    Incense, candles, non-aerosol air fresheners


    * These maximum usage amounts are in compliance with IFRA standards, are provided for safety, and are not meant to serve as suggested usage amounts. It is up to the customer to determine the ideal usage amount for desired product integrity, while staying under the safety maximums. Many times the ideal usage amount is much lower than the maximum amount stated for safety.

    * It is the responsibility of our customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance by conducting all necessary tests.

    **If there are other products not listed that you would like to request the maximum usage amounts of, please email us at info@theflamingcandle.com.

  • Product Reviews

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    1. LOVE!!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 29th Aug 2019

      The scent is amazing! I just ordered another bottle!

    2. love the TFC shop 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Aug 2019

      coffee coffee coffee mmmmmmm will be ordering more

    3. Perfection 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Aug 2019

      What an amazing scent. Completely satisfied. I ordered 7 gallons of it.

    4. Just like Coffee! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Aug 2019

      Bought this with my dad in mind. Smells just like fresh brewed coffee.

    5. Sweeter/less bitter coffee FO...great throw! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 5th Aug 2019

      I trialed two different coffee FOs, this one and another one from another supplier. This FO has what I would call a sweeter/less bitter scent than the other FO. Two different smell testers preferred the candle with this FO vs. the other. Plus, the hot throw on this FO is great, I can smell it on the 2nd floor of my home.

    6. Smells so good! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Jul 2019

      Wonderful Coffee scent that has a great throw! Slightly sweet and creamy with a delicious fresh brewed coffee scent!

    7. Great Fragrance!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 23rd Jul 2019

      I love this fragrance! It's a coffee scent that has some sweetness to it without it being overpowering.

    8. Best Coffee Scent! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st Jul 2019

      I have tried several coffee scents and this one is spot on. Excellent cold and hot throw. Already considered a best seller for my customers

    9. This needs 10 stars 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Jul 2019

      I don't drink coffee but this scent here i amazingly delicious. Everyone wants to drink it and it's strong which I love. I made samples and It was actually a freebie. I'm ordering a big bottle very soon. I love you guys for introducing this.

    10. Used in Cold Process Soap 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 7th Jul 2019

      I can tell you it performed beautiful in cold process soap, scent is staying and love it, happy to have a strong bath and body safe coffee fragrance oil to work with! Highly Recommend!

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next