Black Candle Tins


Black Candle Tins

Black candle tins are a great way to enhance your candle packaging, offering versatility with endless labeling options. Our black candle tins are sleek, innovative, and have a seamless transition from the lid to the tin (they do not have the silver lip found on the other similar candle tins). The construction and eye-catching detail make the quality of our black candle tins superior to other alternatives on the market. Candle tins prevent the need to worry about jar adhesion, or 'wet spots,' where wax pulls away from the side of the container.

Dimensions: Approximately 3" W x 2.2" H

Capacity: Holds approximately 4.25 oz. of wax

Please Note: Our candle tins are treated with a protective coating to help prevent the metal from reacting with fragrance oils. However, fragrance oils that are heavy citrus, cinnamon, or vanillin may react with the metal creating a 'rust looking' appearance. We recommend testing each fragrance oil in a small batch to ensure it does not react with the metal. The reaction may not occur for an extended period after candles are made, so we recommend testing them over a long time period to ensure there is no reaction. As of now, there are no tins available in the U.S. that are not susceptible to this.


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