Dusty Sapphire Straight-Sided Tumbler Jar (Case of 12)

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Dusty Sapphire Glass Straight-Sided Tumbler

Sleek and stylish, these straight-sided candle tumblers feature beautiful blue glass that makes for an alluring glow and a stunning final product.

PHOTO UPDATED 9/2023 to reflect true color.

Quantity: 12 tumblers per case

Each of these candle tumblers measures 3 ½” tall and 3⅛” in diameter, with an overall volume of 10 fl. oz.

Pair it with one of our Bamboo, Black Metal, or Silver Metal Tumbler Lids.
(Lids sold separately.)

Bamboo Candle Jar Lid

Black Metal Candle Jar Lid

Silver Metal Candle Jar Lid

Wax volume approximately 7.5 oz.