Project:  Fairy Fluff

Project: Fairy Fluff

23rd Jan 2020

The harsh winter weather can often cause skin to get dry, flaky, and even cracked.  In 3 easy steps this whimsical sugar scrub using Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter will help keep your skin looking fresh and feeling soft all winter long!





                                                                  Get your supplies and whip up some magic!


Supplies Needed:



Step 1:  First things first!  Weigh your ingredients.

  • Using the straight soap cutter, cut the foaming bath butter soap base into cubes.
  • Place the mix and pour funnel pitcher on the scale and tare/zero out the weight.
  • Weigh 16 ounces of cubed soap base and place to the side.
  • Using the same tare/zero method weigh the granulated sugar and the coconut oil into two small bowls and set aside.







Step 2:  This is the easy part!  Put it all together.

  • Add the foaming bath butter to the mixing bowl followed by the coconut oil and sugar.
  • Next add 1 ounce Snow Fairy fragrance oil.
  • Lastly add 1-2 drops of the liquid soap dye of your choice (we used Magenta).





Step 3:  Now the magic happens!  Mix it.

  • Using the hand mixer begin mixing the ingredients on medium speed.
  • Periodically as you mix scrape the sides of the bowl with the silicone spatula to make sure all the ingredients are mixing well.
  • Continue mixing as the bath butter begins to fluff.
  • Once your mixture is a nice fluffy consistency like cake icing and blends smoothly it is ready to use.






You can store this sugar scrub in the container(s) of your choice.  To give this project a little extra flair we used a piping bag with a large tip to pipe the sugar scrub into our 4 oz Jelly Jars and covered with the Pewter Jelly Jar Lids.



                                         Comment below with how you made this project your own!