Kaleido-"Soap" Tutorial

Kaleido-"Soap" Tutorial

30th Nov 2022

We are often influenced by fond childhood memories. This project was inspired by a once very popular toy, the Kaleidoscope! When we began testing our new Liquid Soap Dyes the colors were so vibrant just like that toy so long ago and thus the inspiration for this fun project!


Supplies Needed:

Step One: Prepare Soap Base

Using the Straight Soap Cutter cut the 2 lbs of Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base into 1 inch cubes. Weigh soap and place 3 oz. soap base into each of the 4 plastic bowls. Place the remaining soap in the Mix & Pour Funnel Pitcher and set aside for later.


Step Two: Prepare Colored Shards

Microwave two of the small bowls of soap base in 10 second increments, stirring until cubes are melted. Be sure to not over heat the base! Add 1 drop of the Magenta Liquid Soap Dye to one bowl of melted soap and 1 drop Yellow Liquid Soap Dye to the other bowl of melted soap and stir. Pour a thin layer of the Magenta soap into 2 of the empty cavities of the Silicone 6 Bar Rectangle Soap Mold, save approximately 1/3 of the Magenta colored soap base for mixing. Finally, spritz with rubbing alcohol and allow to cool.                                                                             

While that layer cools mix approximately 1/3 of the Yellow colored soap base into the Magenta soap base you saved.  This should create an orange like color. Once the Magenta layer has cooled pour the orange mixture on top using all of the mixture. Spritz layer with alcohol and allow to cool. Now pour the Yellow colored base for the last layer of these two bars. 

Finally, repeat these steps to create two more soap bars using the Blue and Lime Green Liquid Soap Dyes. You should have three layers including Blue, Blue-Green, and Lime Green.

*You may need to occasionally reheat if base becomes too thick to pour, use small 5-10 second increments to avoid overheating*



Allow bars to cool and set completely before un-molding.Then, using the soap cutter cut the four bars in small triangular and rectangular shapes to create the crystal shard look. The more uneven, the better! Place shards to the side.


Step Three: Prepare Kaleido-"Soap"

Using the Mix & Pour Pitcher melt the remaining clear soap we put aside earlier (approximately 1.25 lbs or 20 oz) in a microwave using 10-30 second increments. After soap base if fully melted add 1 oz of Fragrance Oil and mix thoroughly. Pour a layer of the clear soap base approximately 1/4 inch deep into the Silicone Loaf Mold. Sprinkle a handful of the colored soap "shards" into mold. Pour more clear soap base to fill in gaps. Repeat this layering technique until all "shards" are used or save some for embellishment on the top of your soap loaf.


Step Four: Set Up & Cut

Let the soap set over night (in some climates it may be beneficial to cover with plastic wrap to avoid sweating). Remove soap loaf from mold and cut into bars using the Straight Soap Cutter.


Enjoy your Kaleido-"soap"!